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About Dr. Mitchell


As a teenager I felt I needed more energy and became interested in nutrition.  That led me to the study of medicine where I pursued Obstetrics and Gynecology for it's health orientation.  When I became a mother I opted for an office based practice that was integrative.  As both medicine and  I progressed I studied both Anthroposophically Extended Medicine and Functional Medicine, both of which I practice now.

What is Functional Medicine?

More and more we are seeing that each person is unique, that we must treat the person and not a disease.  Functional medicine looks to the root causes and works to restore health and prevent new disease or complications.

What you can expect

Optimizing wellness requires teamwork.  You are in charge, I can help guide you in making wise choices, understanding how you arrived to this place you find yourself now and support you in reclaiming your balance and health.


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Patient consultations are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, call us then to speak to a person.  Otherwise leave a message or contact us by email at drmitchell.frontdesk@gmail.com